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Oncology, Radiology, and the Developing World

The incidence of cancer is rising steadily in low-income countries. Over the next 25 years, the majority of new cases and deaths will occur in these countries — in part because of population growth, greater longevity, and lifestyle changes, but also because the health systems in these countries have not yet developed the capacity to prevent or control cancer. A major challenge for many developing countries will be finding sufficient resources and expertise to address these trends.

The lack of sufficiently trained staff is a critical problem for the establishment of adequate radiotherapy services in the developing world. The importance of addressing and eventually solving this problem cannot be overemphasized. Many factors contribute to this limitation, including few job positions, low salaries, lack of training programs, difficulties in the recognition of accreditation obtained in other countries and emigration of professionals to more affluent countries. The appropriate training and subsequent retention of professionals is essential for planned radiotherapy services to be effective in dealing with this ‘silent crisis’ of cancer in the developing world. 

Thus, we particularly encourage doctors who were born in the developing world and who have an interest in the areas of oncology, radiology, and ultrasound to let us help you succeed at being selected for a residency or fellowship position. Almost all doctors who were born and spent significant parts of their lives in a developing nation, return at some point to help, if not establishing their practice there. Thus, we are especially interested in helping you if you are originally from a low-income country. Individuals living in developing countries usually have limited access to medical care and ultrasound is becoming especially important as an imaging modality in developing countries as devices have become smaller, portable, less expensive, and there is no ionizing radiation.

By helping you to attain a residency or fellowship position in oncology or radiology, ultimately we will be contributing to the cause of advancing the practice of oncology and radiology in developing countries.  In the years to come, it is our hope that you will develop considerable knowledge that can be applied to endeavors that already exist or are being developed by a variety of different organizations.

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The field of radiation oncology is a steadfast contender in the fight against cancer. Technological advancements in imaging, treatment planning and treatment delivery are tremendously improving patient outcomes. More targeted radiotherapy is letting patients of all ages live a more normal life during and after the course of treatment and most importantly, improving outcomes.

Last June, the nation's leading cancer organizations - the American Cancer Society, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the National Cancer Institute, and the North American Association of Central Cancer Registries - released its "Annual Report to the Nation on the Status of Cancer, 1975 - 2001" that brought good news. It said Americans' risk of getting and dying from cancer continues to decline and survival rates for many cancers continue to improve. "The new data reflects progress in prevention, early detection and treatment," the report stated.

Bolivia, where I live, as with other Developing countries, has a special need for radiology technology and expertise. Developing societies like mine are faced with a hostile health environment characterized by poor diet, lack of exercise, effects of tobacco, socioeconomic stressors, and economic constraints at both the national and personal level—in addition to exposure to potential novel risk factors.

We need help! The advancement of oncology and radiology technology and expertise faces enormous challenges in developing countries, including lack of data, limited national resources, and the lack of prediction models in certain populations. We are in desperate need of public health/community-based strategies that are clinic-based with a targeted approach to high-risk patients. If you are a physician originally from the developing world who wishes to develop expertise in the area of radiology, we want to help you to radically enhance your vocational experience by completing a residency or fellowship position in radiology or oncology, in the USA or another English speaking country. We invite you to fill out our Online Interview Form so that we can begin working on your statement soon. Please send your rough draft and/or CV/resume to:

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